Cool Tool Thursday

3 Nov

Today’s Kitchen Tool is:

La Tostonera

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One of those tools that you only use once, when making something in particular.   Unless you can find some other use for it.   However, this Venezuelan cooking tool or utensil is perfect for making Venezuelan Tostones.   All you have to do is place the plantain slices in the pre-cut whole inside the Tostonera, and it will flatten them to the famous Tostones shape without pressing too hard.   Also, it is very popular as a Mother’s Day gift.   I remember making one at school for her.   The school provided the wooden components and we assembled it, stained it and decorated it to give to our moms on Mother’s Day.

The Hispanic Houseware Brand IMUSA sells Tostoneras (Wood Plantain Press), and I have seen them at several Publix stores hanging in a display close to the plantains.   You can also find IMUSA Bamboo Tostonera at Macy’s on sale for $6.99.   At Kmart for $4.99.

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